Virtual boardroom meetings software enhances the process by allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions quickly. Offering advanced collaborative tools that increase stakeholder involvement, such as audio/video annotations and text-based notes, the software also allows interactive presentations and features such as page synchronization, and a laser pointer tool. Additionally by automating meetings with tasks and reminders, the software lets stakeholders reduce time and effort.

The software allows you to schedule meetings and invite participants via email or chat. The software also comes with a variety of integrated tools to conduct remote meetings, including agendas, meeting notes, and minutes, user tracking, and instant messaging. The software also facilitates faster workflows using tools specifically designed for all tasks related to meetings and other administrative tasks.

Board meetings online have a major disadvantage: they lack the physical presence that keeps participants in the present and engaged. Face-to-face meetings encourage people to remain focused on the conversation and not be distracted by checking emails or eating a snack. This level of concentration can be more difficult to maintain when the meeting is remote in particular if you’re taking part from your home and have pets or children that can distract you.

Another concern is the security of data and privacy. Board meetings generate a vast amount of documents and files, which are stored in unsecure environments. This increases the risk of leakage and unauthorised access. However, a lot of portals for managing board meetings provide high-level security features that allow them to ensure the security of all confidential files. Additionally they are available 24 hours a day to support users during their processes.

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