We live in a digital world, and your personal information whether you realize it or not is stored on devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets. This means that keeping your information and system secure when threats are constantly present is a major challenge for both businesses and individuals.

Digital security is a set of techniques and strategies to protect systems and information from cyber-attacks. It involves making sure that all departments are aware about the importance of safe procedures and practices, and how they can protect themselves from cyber-attacks and hackers.

It could include restricting access to important data by limiting which employees are able to access it, and at what time. Zero trust security is also employed to ensure that no one has the ability to access your system unless they are authorized.

It is an essential part of modern day business operations. Security of digital information is crucial for maintaining trust, protecting your privacy, and creating a safe online environment.

To achieve this it is recommended you create a dedicated team of people (often called a Security Council) that are responsible for ensuring all members of your organization follow safety protocols and have a good understanding of how to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats. The team should include members of the IT and management, finance and communications teams, and must meet regularly to review the latest procedures and new ones. They should also offer ongoing training to the other teams to ensure they are aware of the various types and ways to respond link to threats.

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