Safe business software lets you monitor employee safety in the workplace. It also offers an easy interface to report hazards and incidents. These programs let you reduce risk, simplify WHS and boost productivity. These programs are available both on mobile and desktop devices and click here for more info offer features such as e-learning, a reporting tool for employee records, more. Popular solutions include Donesafe FME and Holded.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a well-known framework to scale Lean and Agile practices in large companies. It is used by over one million people across the globe and is used by more than 20,000 organizations in a variety of industries.

It’s not without flaws just like any other framework. While it contains many excellent concepts, it also contains items that aren’t worth the effort for the majority of teams and development teams. It is crucial to look at the entire framework and figure out ways to improve it rather than simply accepting that the vendor has it right.

The creation of a strong development ecosystem requires a combination of well-defined Scrum and Kanban teams, and coordination between them, and working with DevOps and management to establish effective work agreements. While it is true that these are all important, SAFe does not offer much direction other than organizing groups of development and relying upon Agile method of planning.

To address these issues, Jira Align is the first and only native platform for SAFe, with support for all three main configurations–Essential SAFe, Large Solution SAFe and Portfolio SAFe. It also includes a built-in Enablement Framework to ensure that the knowledge and information communicated in training sessions is transferred into day-to-day work.

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