Whether they are working together in the same room or across continents Board members need to be sure they have the most recent version of https://ceinturedesudation.fr/boardpaq-software-review-2021/ documents. That’s why a central, shared system of record is essential for meeting planning and governance processes. The most effective software for managing board meetings can update documents in real-time, no matter what device or platform participants are using. With this level of security, documents for boards can be accessed and commented anytime by a variety of people, ensuring that the right information is readily available to make strategic decisions at all times.

When choosing a portal for board meetings Look for the following features:

Tools to schedule and invite meetings: With simple automation tools, you can quickly determine the dates and times for your meetings. Also, allow attendees to sign up for meetings online and provide reminders.

Agenda Builder Tools: Create dynamic, digital meeting agendas with time limit and person assignments. Some portals even have embedded documents of reference.

Task management Use a task management system to ensure that every board member is up-to date with their duties prior to your next meeting. The best solution will display all tasks assigned to them on an centralized dashboard, which allows directors to ensure that they’ve looked over the meeting material or finalized a budget for a forthcoming campaign or snapped photos at an event that is a volunteer, for example.

Training & support: Be sure to offer multiple opportunities for technology-challenged board members to receive training. Aim to hold group training sessions in different locations and times, and be sure to reach out to members of the board who are technologically challenged to arrange 1:1 training sessions.

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