To ensure the most efficient board meeting, it’s crucial that administrators as well as members of the board have access to reliable access to meeting material. An online portal for board members makes it easy for them to create and share board packets, distribute agendas, take minutes of meetings, and more – all in one location. This centralization of critical information saves significant time for businesses.

Examining the quality of the portals for board members is an important step for companies seeking to improve their governance procedures and results. An in-depth evaluation can help organizations choose the best solution that fits their budget and needs.

A key consideration for any business considering board portal software is security. A secure portal for board members is essential to guard your data’s privacy and keep meetings confidential. Cyberattacks are always a concern, therefore a secure solution is essential. Find a service that has an industry-leading set of security protocols including a closed API infrastructure to ward off leaks of data, two-factor authentication capabilities, and the ability to permanently purge your account that eliminates comments, annotations, and discussions permanently.

The business should also think about how user-friendly the board portal is. The more intuitive and simple the software is and the simpler it is, the more likely people will be able to use it. It is best to look for a vendor who offers a demo so you can try the software out and determine if it meets your board’s specifications.

It is also essential to assess the reputation of a vendor and their customer service quality. You can call the support line to test the response time and to see how well they can answer questions regarding the software. Also, look for a vendor that offers training and onboarding for all users–this can greatly ease the initial learning curve and ensure continued success.

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