Board meetings are the place where major corporate decisions ranging from company policy to management appointments to financial control and responses to crises – are made. In these meetings, the members present their viewpoints, debate different ideas and ultimately guide an organization through the challenges of business. To facilitate constructive dialog and produce results, the best boards design their agendas in order to get informed judgment from all participants.

The preparation of board members ahead of time is essential to having a successful meeting. Nothing ruins the effectiveness of a meeting more than having attendees rush to read important documents during the actual meeting or, even worse getting materials that are not delivered on time or in the first place.

In addition to advance materials, it is helpful to have a list of the topics to be discussed to allow board members to anticipate and prepare. This allows the board chair to concentrate on the most important issues and not repeat subjects that have already been discussed.

It is also a good idea to include a strategic planning element at the top of the agenda. This will allow for a thorough review to determine if the board’s strategic plan is still in place or if any gaps have to be addressed.

Also, it’s a great idea to start the meeting with an inspiring or motivational message that invigorates the boardroom and sets the stage for productive conversation. It could be as easy and straightforward as telling a story about the organization’s success, or it can include the recognition of specific staff members or board members contributions.

board meeting

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