A well-designed solution for online board management can speed up the administration of meetings, and help create an effective, collaborative and engaged board of directors. Board members are able to easily view their assignments and complete assignments, record their marks and communicate with each other, and do it in an organized and secure record system. Board members can replace emails and texts with a centralized platform that offers security for all kinds of files.

Make sure your board is ready for meetings by using a powerful agenda builder that is easy to share and manage materials for meetings, and single-click updates to ensure that all parties are using the most recent version of documents and agenda items. After your meeting, board members can remain in contact with colleagues via meeting summary tools as well as commenting capabilities on all their devices. The use of a portal for board meetings and document approvals removes the necessity of email chains and makes it clear what is expected of communications, which helps to avoid costly lawsuits and fishing expeditions.

Find a partner that offers practical training and ongoing assistance for board members at all levels of experience. This includes both one-on-one training and group classes, as well as unlimited assistance from experts who understand the needs of your organization.

A range of integrated board management solutions can ease the burden of your administrative duties and boost the effectiveness of your meeting preparation. Additionally, it gives members the ability to connect seamlessly from anywhere in the globe. It also helps your company eliminate the need for physical meeting materials and minimizes data breaches with advanced encryption and access control.


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