Virtual Systems

By leveraging this transformative technology, you can propel your business to a new level of efficiency and strategy agility. Through our custom solutions, One Comm helps you make use of virtualization to cut costs, streamline IT management, and improve security.

VMs permit multiple guest machines to share a single physical server which allows you to maximize the value of your IT hardware and reduce the cost of electricity and cooling. They can also be easily shifted between servers, and even to the cloud for better flexibility in engineering, which is especially useful during peak times or in a disaster recovery scenario.

A virtual desktop enables your employees to access company software and data from any device, bringing work to the cloud, enabling remote access and work from home possible. It can also be used to test out a new operating system in a secure sandboxed environment and create backups for faster recovery when an error or breach occurs.

You can concentrate on growing your business while reducing IT costs by speeding up and making it easier to manage desktop and server deployment. Virtualization allows you to use pre-configured templates and set up servers in minutes instead of days or weeks. This allows you to move your business forward with less downtime while safeguarding important information, protecting revenues and ensuring trust among customers.

Implementing virtualization can lower the risk of costly downtime by eliminating the requirement to reboot your entire IT infrastructure when an application is updated. It is also simpler to restore applications in the event of data loss or outage. The result is a powerful solution for managing data and applications to ensure that your business can keep up with changing market demands without harming the integrity of your data.

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