It is vital for every company to be in a position to share files with other team members around the world. Secure online file access is vital for all users, whether it’s the CEO who has to access an important file while working or a team of salespeople who share PDF or design files with clients.

File sharing refers to the process of moving data files from one computer or network to another – whether that be a different network, a different file server, or an email attachment. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but typically it is done to facilitate collaboration with outside parties.

Many different tools for sharing files are readily available for companies. Some of them can be integrated with other business software such as instant messaging applications and project collaboration platforms. Cloud-based options are generally the best option, as they are compatible with all devices without requiring additional software be installed. Most also provide some form of file management that allows for the creation of backups and revisions of content, which allows for simple rollback to earlier versions in case something goes wrong.

In terms of security, the best business file sharing software use state-of-the art measures to safeguard data and protect it from theft or loss. It will typically comprise the use of encryption for data as well as access controls, along with granular settings to help manage the users.

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