Whether it’s for virtual meetings, video conferencing, project management, or simply file sharing, collaboration tools make working with teams easy and efficient. In a world where nearly two thirds of employees are spending 60 minutes per day switching between different apps to complete their tasks, collaborative software eliminates frustration and keeps everyone connected.

Board members must be able to collaborate quickly on reports, budgets and strategic plans. That’s why it’s important that boards use collaboration software that lets them collaborate on these crucial documents, even if all of the members are located in the same area.

There are a variety of collaboration software tools and the most effective ones emulate the various ways that people work. These include chat platforms and file sharing tools, project management systems as well as whiteboard tools.

Real-time collaboration is essential in today’s workplace. A good tool for collaboration on boards can support the most commonly used methods of working: text-based discussions and voice, visual document editing and remote whiteboard brainstorming.

In addition to these core features, look for a collaboration software that has integrations with other business solutions your team uses. This includes project management tools like Trello, Wrike, and Podio along with communication platforms like Slack and https://www.boardmeetingpro.info/so-you-have-an-actionable-strategywhat-now/ Zoom. Certain collaboration tools also provide file storage, like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Mural and Miro are two examples of one-stop collaboration tools that include whiteboards along with other collaboration features. Prices for these tools vary from free to $16 per user per month.

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