Board Management Software is known to rejuvenate boards by enhancing efficiency, productivity and output. These tools, which are often referred to under the name of Board portals, allow you to save and share documents centrally to schedule meetings, as well as more. They also offer advanced cyber protection. They also enhance accountability by ensuring that documents from the board aren’t lost on the members’ desktop folders, inboxes or other random locations. Many include features for tracking tasks, which allow you to track progress. They can even identify the person responsible for each metric. This eliminates gray areas and the potential for tasks to slip through the cracks. Voting and survey features are also available, which will help you with traditional board functions like voting on agenda items and collecting feedback from members both in and out of meetings.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right Board portal. Find a partner who is a leader in group training and support to help new members get up to speed quickly. Choose a solution that offers an electronic signature feature to eliminate the need to use paper signatures, and to ensure your files are secure.

You’re looking for a board portal which can be used by more than just your board and can be expanded to include committees or other groups of members. Memorial Health System, a healthcare system integrated in Ohio and West Virginia has been able extend its use of Diligent’s BoardEffect across various committees and internal groupings, allowing them to deliver additional efficiencies.

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