Many people think about the efficiency of management on boards in terms of directors and how they can be armed with the best methods to speed up decision-making and drive the most effective practices. A well-functioning and effective board is comprised of many components. They all must cooperate to be effective. This includes shaping the board’s structure with a focus on performance and regular evaluation procedures and creating a culture of collaboration that supports high-functioning boards.

The use of software for managing boards is a major factor to achieve this. Board portals can be an excellent method to simplify communication and allow board members to share documents in a secure environment. This eliminates the need for lengthy email chains that cause confusion about versions and allows all members to easily access and see what they need.

It’s also important to ensure that all committees and working teams benefit from the same efficiencies as the board, by using board software in their daily activities. Everyone will have the information they require to make quick decisions at their fingertips and sensitive data will be secured and only accessible to the right people.

This can be achieved by strategy session ideas ensuring that all users have access to the full suite features of the board, like chat and annotating, as well as convenient virtual meetings integrations. However, you will still be able to set specific access restrictions for sensitive information. Memorial Health System has, for instance, expanded its use of software for board meetings to include a variety of internal groups and committees, providing more efficiencies beyond the traditional board level.

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